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Mama San is probably one of the most well known mothers of the community spanning from the South to the Westside.(Started on the Westside Of Chicago) Any given time of the day you’d see San serving the community. Any given day you’d see people in all age ranges calling her name. Why? because she’s a pillar and a chief servant amongst a many people. Biblical terms deems her to be called the Greatest amongst the community. Mama San has been giving to the community faithfully for decades. She’s founded food pantries for the homeless and impoverished for many years. Her reputation is legendary, but the strange thing about San is she’s never satisfied with how much is getting done, and is always trying to do more for others. Not at all being self serving her greatest delight is the delightful reactions of the ones she’s cooked for. One of the recipients of San’s love turned out to be a business partner who she affectionately calls her God son Joseph Stanford Jr. Joseph remembers Mama San taking him to get his 8th Grade graduation suit on the bus which he kept many years later as a reminder of that monumental memory. Joseph being a musician and producer could always rely on the support of Mama San. She catered events for him that was beyond stellar. The food was top notch and most importantly delicious! Hence the fruition of the idea of packaging her ingredients of Love for all the world to touch from their fingers to the tip of their tongue. You’ll feel the positive energy in your soul giving more meaning to the term soul food. These butter cookies will bring a form of nostalgia, but most importantly appeal to your present joy, preparing you for wonderful memories experienced by eating Mama San’s Cookies.  Mama San Is Building The Community Cookie By Cookie!